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April 20, 2011

The ABC’s love affair with Skype

Posted by : Michael Lund

What is it about the ABC and Skype? There seems to be more than the odd mention of the online video/audio communication technology Skype on the ABC’s airwaves these days. I’m not talking about the legitimate references to the free broadcast website used in the recent defence force sex scandal. I’m talking more about some […]

October 19, 2010

The ING orangutan doesn’t do it for me

Posted by : Michael Lund

ING Direct’s decision to dump comedian Billy Connolly for an orangutan in its new marketing campaign is a puzzle. Connolly is instantly recognisable. He’s world famous, he’s very funny, he also admits to being well off and is Scottish so comes from a nation with a reputation for looking after the money. A perfect ambassador […]

June 9, 2010

“I search, therefore I am” says Google

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Internet, Online

When 17 Century philosopher Rene Descartes penned a letter to a mate back in 1641 it’s safe to say he’d never heard of Google, let along the internet. The letter to Marin Mersenne later found itself as part of a collection of documents at the Institut de France (Institute of France). From here it was […]

May 20, 2010

Typical of the monarchy

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Internet, Media, Observation, Online

So the British Monarchy is on Twitter. The Queen has apparently been a big fan of the World Wide Web for many years so I suppose it’s no surprise that Her Majesty would also want the Monarchy to keep up with modern trends and enter the online social network marketplace. When I last looked an […]

April 13, 2010

The Gates’ Breath meets the Hourglass Syndrome

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Consumer, Internet, Media, Online

It was back in August 2008 when I first mentioned my frustration at what I called the Gates’ Breath, in Just wait a Gates’ breath. Now the brainy people at chip manufacturer Intel have revealed figures on a similar condition that’s called Hourglass Syndrome. The Reuters story Stressed by slow computers? You are not alone […]

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