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April 8, 2008

About Me

Expect nothing and you'll never be disappointed.

If you've come to this blog seeking words of wisdom, then think again.

It's like driving really. I was scared to try it at first - scared of failing - but then after watching others do it I figured it was about time I had ago. I passed my test when I was 22, much later than most of my friends, and I've enjoyed driving ever since.

So now I figured it was time to have blog. I've been watching others do it and they seem to be having fun, so I figured I'd give it ago and see what happens.

Just looking around

Just looking around

So think of me as "sky hopping" - like the humpback whale (left) - poking my nose up into the waters of the world wide web to see what's around.

Too often though with blogs, people have nothing to say. What could I add to the wealth of useless information already cluttering the web?

Well I've been working as a journalist for about 20 years - in print, radio, television and online - so I figured I've got something to say on the subject.

So I aim to write the odd bit here and there on journalism. But do not expect any stinging attacks on "the media" - or "meja" as some observers call it.

I am very proud to be a journalist and have been lucky enough to cover a wide range of stories working with some wonderful people in some wonderful news organisations.

I've also copped a lot of flack from people for being a journalist. Not everyone's a fan of the industry, but then they do have a choice to ignore it if they so wish.

That's not to say there are no bad journalists. Far from it. But I firmly believe the majority of journalists do what they do each day because they care, they want to do something that helps inform people and maybe even change the way things are done for the better.

I finally figured it out one day when I realised that a journalism is possibly one of the few industries that people can call on for help and they don't get charged for it, unlike lawyers. Some people even have the cheek to ask for payment from the journalist!

So expect some blog postings from me on my thoughts about journalism today. My praise for some coverage, grumbles about other coverage.

Also expect some random thoughts on any other subject - it's my blog so why restrict myself.

Good journalism comes from observing life so if I happen to observe something - or think something I think may be of interest - then I might post about that too.

These will be my personal opinions and reflect in no way the opinions of any of my employers past, present or future.


Michael Lund.

Just so you know…

All thoughts and comments here are the honestly held personal opinion of Michael Lund and are based on the information available at the time of publication.