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January 1, 2012

Things for 2012 to do

Posted by : Michael Lund

It's fair to say that 2011 was one of those years I'm glad is finally over and hello 2012.

Hello 2012

Hello 2012

If it wasn't one thing it was another that challenged all in 2011, from its damp, soggy and destructive start that seemed to have an impact on almost everything that followed.

But isn't it a case of out with the year of natural disasters and other tragedies and in with the year when the world is supposed to end?

Well, maybe the world will end on 21 December 2012 - the northern winter solstice - but if it does, it will have nothing to do with any doomsday predictions.

I'll leave it for the experts to continue debunking that little myth and keep and eye on the website www.2012hoax.org for any updates.

But seriously, what will the New Year bring?

Rather than make any New Year resolutions of my own I have a few requests of others in 2012. These are some of my own thoughts, in no particular order.

  1. Will the bosses of any company that produces anything in a box or wrapping that says "Open here" please make sure it does. How much time have I wasted this past year reaching for the scissors or a knife to force open the packaging, usually spilling some of the contents in the process?
  2. Will motorists please stop driving with their main headlights AND their fog lights on when there's no fog in sight. Not only is against the law but it's blinding for those of us driving towards them.
  3. Will people stop asking politicians what date any federal or state election will be held. As far as I know, no politician has ever answered that specu-lection question by saying: "I'm glad you asked, it's on ... ".
  4. Will people stop telling me the iPad is the future. It isn't, it's just part of the future and there are other technologies too that are just as good and maybe even better. Surely the best way forward for any new media is to be available on as many technologies as possible. If Apple made a car it would only work on Apple juice, down Apple roads and go to Apple destinations (I know I've said this before ... but it's true).
  5. Will people stop talking about Daylight Saving for Queensland. How many times do the southern-state migrants have to be told that most people in Queensland don't want it? Not many other regions do when you get into the tropics, as this map shows from worldtimezone.net.
  6. Will people who reach the end of an escalator please walk on and not just stop to have a look around. Do they not realise there's a good chance others will be behind them on the escalator heading their way?
  7. Will food manufacturers please stop sneaking nut products into their food. Traditional pesto isn't supposed to contain cashews or almonds, see the Food Network's recipe as one example. (Pine nuts are not technically a nut as far as someone with a serious nut allergy is concerned.)
  8. Will television broadcasters please stop treating me like an idiot with recaps every five or 10 minutes during a program. I can keep up. Oh, and any chance a program could start and finish on time?
  9. Will people realise that the main fuel for celebrity gossip is their own endless desire to read/hear/watch more celebrity gossip. Out of that have come a number of people who are famous for nothing more than being the focus of just more celebrity gossip. Who really cares?
  10. Will people please stop serving only Sauvignon Blanc at functions. Mine's a Chardonnay please and has been for some years now (decades actually) and Sauvignon Blanc really doesn't taste that nice.

Please feel free to comment.

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