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May 4, 2010

A gruesome feed

Posted by : Michael Lund
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Sometimes a news feed offers too much.

Take this offering today from ninemsn.com.au.

Too much information!

Too much information!

A gruesome story with an equally gruesome offer of "Photos Video Watch live" if the feed is followed.

Thankfully the full story "Teen rushed to hospital after tongue piercing" (Tuesday 4 May 2010) doesn't contain any video or ability to watch live the piercing, or the bloody result of the piercing.

Reece-Marie Hall

Not so gruesome photo

It does contain a photo - just a headshot of the 15-year-old victim Reece-Marie Hall - and not a piercing in sight.

The ninemsn.com.au copy is based on an earlier story in Britain's Daily Mail.

However, more details are given on the online version of the story from the Hull Daily Mail in "Girl, 15, has emergency operation after tongue piercing" (Monday 3 May 2010).

That story includes more comment from Reece-Marie Hall and more reaction from victim's mother Leeanne Hall aged 35, including one line that should server as a warning to anyone considering a tongue piercing.

"Reece-Marie now has a lisp and I can't always understand what she's saying. I hope it isn't a permanent thing." - mother

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