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February 18, 2010

Trust the French

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Media

I howled listening the ABC radio report last night about the assassination of a Hamas leader.

The report itself was very disturbing and my laughter was not directed at the content of the story itself. What is it with Israel?

My laughter was at the reaction the assassination was creating in the countries.

In the report Gang that assassinated Hamas leader used stolen European passports on PM (Wednesday 17 February 2010) presenter Mark Colvin was speaking with Fairfax correspondent Paul McGeough who had written a book that described a failed assassination attempt by Israel in 1997 against another Hamas leader.

The conversation described how stolen British, Irish, German and French passports had been used by the assassins and that had the potential to cause a diplomatic row.

How concerned then were these four countries?

PAUL MCGEOUGH: Well the British Government is very upset. The Irish Government is very upset. The German Government is quite upset and the French are annoyed.

MARK COLVIN: All of them had passports used?

PAUL MCGEOUGH: All of them had passports used. Six Israelis, three Irish, one German, one French.

So the French are only annoyed? Come on guys, some more outrage would be appropriate.

That's why I howled.

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