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August 4, 2009

What a difference a sic makes

Posted by : Michael Lund

The ABC's Media Watch television show is always keen to highlight the blunders of the media, so nice to be able to return the compliment.

Last night's episode on ABC1 brought the ABC audience up-to-speed with the rest in its coverage of the Kyle Sandilands saga - the shock jock who's sparked outrage by a rape revelation on his radio breakfast program at 2dayfm.

Media Watch brought us this statement from the station's owners Austereo.

Media Watch graphic

Media Watch graphic

Note the spelling of "principals". Did the good folk at Media Watch not notice the error?

Surely Austereo is reviewing its principles, not its principals. Or do the heads of the network also need to be reviewed, in which case that's a different story?

Very slack of Media Watch not to notice (or let this one by) although by the following day (today) it has caught up with the issue with an added (sic) on it's website.

Media Watch (sic)

Media Watch (sic)

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