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March 30, 2009

Not the drumming gorilla we're used to

Posted by : Michael Lund

When the drumming gorilla first hit the web he was a big hit.

I recall sitting in one office where the e-mail went from desk to desk, on each occasion the tune was the same.

Phil Collins - he of Genesis and solo career fame - was heard singing the opening lines of his classic In the Air Tonight, from his first solo album Face Value.

The video is still available here on YouTube.

The chuckles and laughter were justly deserved.

So imagine my surprise when the video turned up again on Australian TV a couple of days ago, although this time Phil Collins was no longer heard.

Instead it was John Farnham and the opening lines of his almost-Australian-anthem song You're The Voice, from his first solo album Whispering Jack.

The video has also made it onto YouTube.

The Farnham version has not gone down well, down under, as observed by Crikey.com.au in "John Farnham Cadbury’s gorilla remix gets the thumbs-down" (Wednesday 25 March 2009).

  • This. is. horrendous. They ruined this classic advert, wtf.
  • out of sync here and on tv... dismal.
  • Why can't we have the UK version? It's not like we don't know Phill Collins.

Just some of the comments gathered from the YouTube video, notes Crikey, which also details some outrage on Twitter.

  • @antzpantz: They shouldn't have tried. The defiled a good ad with John Farnham's 'You're the Voice' ... blergh
  • @sunky: Oh Cadbury, you just cheapened the classic 'drumming gorilla' advert by syncing it to John Farnham ... badly. Drums aren't in time.
  • @brighita: ummm... why has Cadbury recycled the gorilla ad with John Farnham?

Couldn't agree more.

But this is not the first time the ad has been broadcast on the web to a different tune.

The ad is actually for Cadbury's milk chocolate as part of the award winning A Glass and a half Full campaign, and close viewing of its own website reveals many other versions.

Welsh croaker Bonnie Tyler has also had the gorilla treatment.

Fans of the video have also spun their own version of the video to tunes by Deep Purple, Nirvana, and the theme of the oh-so depressing TV soap Easterenders.


Give me Phil Collins any day.

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