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March 26, 2009

Pollies stop Twittering

Posted by : Michael Lund
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During the election campaign in Queensland you could hardly hear the policies for all the Twittering from the two leaders battling it out for the state's top job.



Both Labor's Anna Bligh and the Soda Pop Party's Lawrence Springborg were using the Twitter website for all sorts of ... well twitter.

But the votes have been counted and Bligh's the winner, with Springborg promising his third tilt for the job was his last.

A new leader must be found to inject some new fizz into the SPP.

Bligh's been elevating the young and the younger into her cabinet, including one newly elected MP. Obviously, experience in the Queensland Parliament not necessary any more if you want a cabinet job.

While Bligh may be delighted to become the first woman actually elected as Premier (as opposed to installed mid way through a term), she's switched off her Twitter account twitter.com/Anna4Queensland/.

She's stopped Twittering

She's gone!

It was there earlier just a few hours ago. With 1,461 followers, Bligh following 1,380 others, here's her 206th update.

Only hours ago Bligh was still Twittering

Only hours ago Bligh was still Twittering

Maybe she's moved her Twitter over to her Premier's website? Nope.

So maybe she no longer needs to Twitter to the state. She's got the votes, got the job, got what she wanted. No need to talk so openly with Queenslanders any more.

Typical politicking. Endless talk when they want your support. Silence when they don't need you.

As for Springborg, well he carried on a bit but seems to have lost all enthusiasm for his Twitter.

With 643 followers and following 195 others, he was somewhat downbeat in his 65th update on twitter.com/TheRealBorg.

Back soon... Springborg

Back soon... Springborg

Doesn't look promising.

Of course, since he's no longer leading the SPP he's no reason to keep Queenslanders informed on his action.

Time to spend more time with his family.

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