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February 23, 2009

The hands of Anna Bligh

Posted by : Michael Lund
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The Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is using every web resource possible as she announces an expected/unexpected early state poll.

The debate is open as to who revealed what first, but when Bligh launched herself as anna4queensland on the social update website Twitter last Tuesday is was clear some announcement about something was due soon.

Sure enough it was the fifth post "Election announcement: A clear choice on March 21" that gave it away.

Anna Bligh on Twitter

Anna Bligh on Twitter

That post takes you to that other social website favourite, YouTube, and the premier's video announcement on "A clear choice on 21 March".

It makes for interesting viewing, even for those who are not interested in politics.

More and more politicians are doing their best to get their message out in ways that bypass the traditional media.

Who wants to spend time answering all those annoying questions from journalists, and you know they will probably ignore the carefully crafted media message anyway.

So politicians - and others - are using their own web portals to get the message they want told to an audience.

The only trouble is you have to get it right.

The YouTube video is just 3 mins 24 seconds long and is a simple mid-shot delivery but it contains six edits. Six!

Some are obvious, some not so obvious but each and every one of them is given away by the hand movements.

Cross fade those hands

Cross fade those hands

The first edit comes at 42 seconds, then at 48 seconds, 1 min 14, 1 min 27, 1 min 45 and finally 2 mins 26.

...and again

...and again

Each time the hands reveal a cross-fade, a slow mix from one image to another to avoid any sharp jumps in the image.

Bligh is clearly nervous as she speaks about her pending visit to Government House to request an early poll.

What dos it mean? Who knows.

But surely a Premier who kept telling everyone she was going to run full term, who then announces a snap poll should be confident about her intentions.

Former Liberal leader Bruce Flegg copped a flogging in the media during the last state election by showing a lack of confidence on certain issues during the election campaign.

As Bligh and Liberal National leader Lawrence Springborg slug it out this election, voters frustrated at the early poll will be looking for the most confident leader to go into battle for the Queensland of the future.

My advice, watch their hands.

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