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January 13, 2009

Acting Premier tackles evolution

Posted by : Michael Lund
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Nice to know Queensland is in such safe hands as the Acting Premier Paul Lucas.

The self-confessed fan of building blocks is trying to reassure all is well after news unusual fish larvae were discovered in the state, as reported in The Courier-Mail's "Two-headed fish larvae blamed on farm chemicals in Noosa River" (Tuesday 13 Jan 2009).

People should not jump to conclusions until further testing is done, he told reporters later in the day in the AAP copy "Tests continue on two-headed fish".

"Fish don't have two heads, they generally have one. And let's find out why that is the case'" Mr Lucas said.

Wonder what he means by "generally"? Does he know something about fish I don't?

Two headed fish have been found elsewhere but as far as I can find all were some form of genetic anomaly and not the norm of the species.

The Acting Premier goes on.

"It might be a natural genetic variation, it may be something totally unrelated to farming but let's make sure we can make the decision based on evidence."

If it is a "natural genetic variation" I can imagine the chefs at Noosa's fine restaurants all keen to get their hands on this new catch.

Imagine the dishes they could serve up, featuring Noosa's two headed fish.

Imagine the prices too. The perfect excuse to charge double!

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