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December 16, 2008

Why the Oscars are so boring

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Media, Movies, Television

The US media is working itself up over the appointment of Australian actor Hugh Jackman as host of next year's Oscars.

One way is even suggesting smelling salts be issued to all in the audience in case he's a bore.

The American awards ceremony hasn't done too well of late with ratings on the slide.

"About 32 million people tuned in (this year), compared with 55.3 million a decade ago," says a wires report "Hugh Jackman too boring for Oscars: LA critic" in The Australian (16 Dec 2008).

Well maybe the Oscar organisers should look to the award recipients and not the host.

Those endless lists of "thank yous" are the real turn off for me.

Why can't they use the moment to say something of importance or significance?

An actor without a script though can be a sad sight. Nothing to say. Nothing.

It's a problem noted by Los Angeles Times critic Mary McNamara in her article "Ten ways to make the Oscar telecast good TV" (14 Dec 2008).

Movie stars have a tendency to freeze on live TV, to go flat or talk too fast or suspiciously slur their words. They cannot, it would seem, tell a simple joke or engage in anything that even looks like banter.

So who will be the boring people on stage at the Oscars? Tune in next year if you can be bothered and see for yourself which parts need to be viewed with smelling salts on hand.

I bet none of them feature Hugh Jackman.

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