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November 4, 2008

Weak excuse for Sydney premier of Australia

Posted by : Michael Lund
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Australia - The Movie

Australia - The Movie

With all the hype over Baz Luhrmann's new movie Australia transforming the Queensland town of Bowen into wartime Darwin, you'd think the two places would be in the running for the star studded premier.

So why is the movie getting its first big screening in Sydney?

Twentieth Century Fox says the New South Wales capital was chosen because it was "the film’s first shooting location".

The company says "special screenings" will be held in Darwin and Bowen on the same evening, but these will be without star actors Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and movie makers Luhrmann and Catherine Martin.

Weak excuse. How much free publicity did the film get from filming in Bowen?

Admittedly Bowen is hoping to reap the rewards of extra tourism dollars from its part in the making of the movie.

There's a whole section dedicated to "Australia - The Movie" on the website for Tourism Bowen.

Australia movie set in Bowen

Australia movie set in Bowen

But even Luhrmann put Sydney at the back of the location honours when he first announced the shooting of his new movie.

Filming is planned over an epic 5 month shoot and will take the cast and crew to four
states and territories including locations in Bowen, Kununurra, Darwin and surrounding areas, as well as Sydney.

It's not like Sydney will feature in the movie as ... Sydney.

Ninemsn has a travel piece "Discover Baz Luhrmann's Australia" that says Luhrman's only used Sydney's heritage Strickland House as a double for Darwin's Government House in the film.

Okay, so Bowen's technically doubling for Darwin too, but it should still have had a good claim on the premier.

Given this is scheduled to be the world premier of the movie maybe it was just too hard to persuade the celebrity lovies expected to hang off the premier to leave Sydney town.

Imagine the dust and all those flies.

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