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October 30, 2008

Feedback frenzy over flamingo attack

Posted by : Michael Lund
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It's often hard to know what will get people talking when you're considering what stories to cover but human attacks on defenceless animals always get a good response.

Brave flamingo fighting back

Brave flamingo fighting back

Imagine the reaction then when news broke that an elderly flamingo had been bashed at Adelaide Zoo.

The blind bird in its 70s is believed to be the oldest flamingo in captivity in the world and a much loved favourite of visitors.

The zoo was quick to react to any public concern and set up a page on its website offering an Update on our Greater Flamingo.

Local media were no doubt flooded with calls, comments and e-mails from people.

"You can't print what I want to say..." said Don of Adelaide in one of the early postings on AdeleiadeNow's coverage "Brave flamingo fighting back".

Then four teenagers are charged throwing a spanner in works. Comments now strictly limited.

AdelaideNow has received hundreds of reader comments on this story, but many cannot be published for legal reasons, particularly the requirement for a presumption of innocence for alleged offenders facing a court. We welcome your comments and want to print as many as possible, but we remind readers that the law does not allow publication of statements that could be considered prejudicial in any future court process.

But Brian of Adelaide had already caused a stir at comment number 158.

Listen to you bleeding hearts! If an immigrant child gets beaten because of his race we get a few comments of support... if a FLAMINGO cops a hiding we wail and moan and cry until the cows come home... get a bloody perspective! You wanna help the world? Sponsor a child, donate a blanket, do SOMETHING REAL!!

There's always one.

At least he gave those outraged at the flamingo attack someone to hurl abuse at as Brian was free from any pending court action, charged only with a severe case if foot-in-mouth disease.

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