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August 20, 2008

Where on earth is Gdynia?

Posted by : Michael Lund
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Details of the new global Monopoly board have been revealed and the only Australian city to make it is Sydney.

Hardly surprising really. The national capital Canberra never really stood a chance.

The New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma is crowing in The Australian's report "Sydney monopolises world Monopoly spot" (Wednesday 20 August 2008).

"Eat your heart out Melbourne ... nowhere to be found."

Despite the game's US origins and a plethora of country-specific Monopoly boards released over the years, most players are probably more familiar with the old London board.

So according to details released by game maker Hasbro, Sydney is in the red zone, along with New York then London, in the spot where The Strand would be up for GBP220.

At the top end of the new Here & Now board and in the GBP400 spot where Mayfair usually sits is the Canadian city Montreal, says the statement "MONTREAL 'PASSES GO' TO CLAIM THE TOP SPOT ON GLOBAL MONOPOLY GAME BOARD".

The city is joined in the GBP350 dark blue spot by Latvia's capital Riga.

Apparently more than five million votes were cast in the global search for the cities to make up the new board and most of those picked are familiar.

In green are Cape Town, Belgrade, Paris, in yellow are Jerusalem, Hong Kong and current Olympics host Beijing, orange are Vancouver (another Canadian city?), Shanghai and Rome, purple is another Canadian city Toronto joined by Kyiv and Istanbul.

Yes, three Canadian cities, I hear you cry, and none the Canadian capital Ottawa.

Or was it Kyiv that caught your eye?

Never heard of Kyiv? Better known as Kiev, capital of Ukraine.

The light blue properties go to Athens, Barcelona and Tokyo, leaving the browns to Taipei and Gdynia.

Where? Gdynia is better known as Gdansk, on the northern coast of Poland.

Naturally the Kiwis are upset at missing out, according to the New Zealand Herald's report "Kiwi cities miss out on international Monopoly".

But there's a twist according to Scoop's report "Ingenuity Helps NZ Cities Make Monopoly Board" (Wednesday 20 August 2008).

"In the spirit of the competition Hasbro New Zealand recalculated the world vote, adjusting the results to base them on per capita voting which showed that Queenstown would have come second in the main vote and Auckland would have topped the Wild Card vote."

That's Stephen Imm, NZ Product Manager Hasbro, announcing a Kiwi do-it-yourself bonus pack that allows players to place a temporary place card for Queenstown and Auckland over existing cities on the new board.

Trust the Kiwis.

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