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July 29, 2008

Can I have some LNP with that?

Posted by : Michael Lund
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It hasn't gone unnoticed that Queensland's new conservative party needed to do a few more checks on the web before deciding on its new name.

New party logo

New party logo

The Liberal National Party had secured the domain name www.lnp.org.au, but forgot about the possible web addresses.

The Australian noted in "Net worth in doubt" that www.lnp.com.au takes you to a website selling t-shirts with interesting slogans.

About the only example we dare print is: "If I haven't done it my imagination has".


I'll go a little further and mention "Drink Up. Sun's is going down somewhere" and "Dont try to hotwire a Ferrari if you cant handle one", but that's about it.

I think they'd go down a treat at the next party meeting to thrash out some consistent policy for the new party faithful.



Meanwhile, over at www.lnp.net.au and you find Local News Publications which publishes a number of magazines in the greater Brisbane area.

A quick Internet search shows LNP cropping up in a number of other areas not connected with politics.

Personally, every time I hear the name mentioned I keep thinking of the fizzy drink so loved by the good folk in New Zealand, "L&P".

Sound out the name and you'll see what I mean.

"L&P", "L and P", "ELL EN PEE", "L N P".

I wonder if the new leader prefers lemon or paeroa?

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