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July 2, 2008

And another thing about speed

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Observation

What's with all the complaints over the possible introduction of more speed cameras in Queensland?

I heard them whinging on the radio the other day about infringements of freedoms and civil liberties and such.

But keep in mind the figures on the number of people who die on the state's roads each year.

Queensland Police revealed at the weekend, in "Seven road fatalities in one weekend shock police", that 156 people had died on the roads up to 2pm on June 29 this year.

That's about one death every 27 hours and 49 minutes, and police say speeding is a factor in some of those deaths.

If you're heading for the Queensland roads then check you diary and see if you have anything planned for tomorrow. You might not make it.

I know a way drivers can avoid any penalty points or payments that can also possibly save lives.

Don't speed in the first place.

Brilliant. Simple. Obvious really.

And a final message to the car/van/truck tailgating my car: Back Off!

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