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June 5, 2008

When IT bites itself

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Observation

You've got to love IT departments.

Whatever industry you work in, if there's a computer somewhere in the workplace then there will be an IT department somewhere else to make things difficult.

If the computer's working fine, updates and upgrades will be issued without delay to screw things up again.

If the computer's not working and you need it to do so straight away, then your IT telephone hotline will be on hold with an unsympathetic message telling you to log your problem online (despite the fact that doing so requires a fully functioning computer).

Well today I received a departmental e-mail from a particular institution's technology and information support unit.

The error message

The error message

The e-mail was full of potentially useful advice, all I had to do was follow the hyperlinks to get that advice.

Trouble is, every hyperlink was blocked by some internal security feature that transformed the ULR address to one that ends "UrlBlockedError.aspx".

Every link now takes you to an error page.

Thanks IT. Keep up the good work.

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