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May 20, 2008

Will someone please get "teh" accepted in the dictionary

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Language, Media

Is it me, or are keyboards and computers just determined to over-rule any attempt I make to type the word "teh".

Grrrrr... it's done it again.

Every time I try to type the word t-h-e I get "teh". No matter what I do, or how slowly I try to type, or how convinced I am that I've typed the correct word.

One look up from my dancing fingers reveals a screen peppered with "teh"s all over teh place. (See)

Isn't it about time we retired t-h-e and let "teh" hold it's rightful place as teh 21st Century's accepted spelling of the word.

Dictionaries around the globe, please take note.

If, as they say, acceptance is based on popular usage then it can't be long before my keyboard gets its way.

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