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May 13, 2008

Odd search result

Posted by : Michael Lund
Filed under : Internet, Observation

Just doing the usual lazy spell check using Google to see if I've spelled "parodying" correctly.

The number one search result took me to one of the many YouTube videos looking at what happens when you add coke to raw pork, "What REALLY happens when you add Coke to raw pork".

No obvious mention of "parodying" on that site.

You have to dig deep into the source code to find one solitary reference to "parodying" as part of the url for watching the video full screen.

tnrpg880t9AAAAoAQ8IAE&title=What REALLY
happens when you add Coke to raw pork.'

Why that single mention puts the page at the top of the 447,000 other Google search results on the word, I have no idea.

Odd that.

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