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April 29, 2008

Is Big Brother losing the ratings?

Posted by : Michael Lund
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Reports today that Channel 10's latest outing of Big Brother has been a relative disaster in the ratings. That's relative.

NEWS.com.au in "Who's watching Big Brother? No one" says last night's launch ratings were "the worst in its history".

An average of 1.511 million tuned in last night to watch Big Brother's new hosts, radio broadcasters Kyle and Jackie O, reveal the first 14 housemates during a two-hour launch.

The audience for the Channel 10 show peaked at 1.91 million.

But while it beat its competitors in most time slots - except its second half hour when it lost out to Border Security - Big Brother's latest launch was the least-watched in the show's eight-year history.

The downfall of the launch shows is documented by average national audience figures from OzTam as follows:

2001 - 1.627 million
2002 - 2.046 million
2003 - 2.225 million
2004 - 1.725 million
2005 - 1.576 million
2006 - 1.800 million
2007 - 1.548 million
2008 - 1.511 million

Can't say I'm surprised. I've never been a big fan, but always thought, each to their own.

But a brief bit of channel hoping with the remote last night and I caught a few minutes of the introductions.

It looked more like a freak show that anything. That's not a comment on any of the individuals - including the "little person" - it's a comment on the whole package.

LIVENEWS.com.au Tim Brunero describes it well in "critics can back off... for now" although he's very much a fan of the show.

There's Rima, a little person and bellydancer, Saxon an alien watcher with "Roswell" tattooed on his arm and David, an escaped member of the religious sect the Exclusive Brethren.

They join Terri, a Pauline Hanson-worshiping grandmother, Dixie a social worker of Aboriginal descent and a diminutive jockey, Travis, with a high pitched voice who admits to being a virgin.

This diversity is a bloody good thing, not just because it shuts up those bloody whingers.

Like it or not, Big Brother reaches a massive audience or impressionable young things.

I can't even begin to imagine what sort of audience would be attracted to such a collection of housemates.

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