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April 19, 2008

What newspaper? Now that's an apology

Posted by : Michael Lund
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Now there's a twist in this story of the Russian tabloid and the Putin story - it seems the newspaper the subject of my ranting "More made up newspapers", may itself no longer exist.

The Russian Interfax agency is carrying a report saying "Moskovsky Korrespondent newspaper publication suspended".

MOSCOW. April 18 (Interfax) - The publication of the daily newspaper Moskovsky Korrespondent (Moscow Correspondent) has been suspended forfinancial reasons, National Mediacompany General Director Artyom Artyomov told Interfax.

"I have decided to stop financing the newspaper and, consecutively, its publication, which is related to large costs for its publication and disagreements with the editorial office regarding its concept," said Artyomov.

The National Mediacompany belongs to former State Duma deputy and prominent Russian businessman Alexander Lebedev.

Moskovsky Korrespondent Editor-in-Chief Grigory Nekhoroshev has resigned, Artyomov said.

Artyomov emphasized that the suspension of the newspaper's publication has nothing to do with an article recently published in it, which alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin had divorced some time ago and is going to marry prominent Russian rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabayeva.

"There is no question of any political background behind the decision to suspend the newspaper's publication," Artyomov said. "This is purely a business story," he said.

The newspaper's reported to have issued a front page apology before the suspension.

India's Financial Express carries the agency copy in "'Sorry' says Russian tabloid for Putin’s wedding report" (Friday 18 April 2008) which reports the Russian newspaper's front-page editorial response.

"In our matter only some rumours and some facts, which we presumed substantiate these rumours, were reflected.

"To say, there is no factual base for our publication. We accept this.

"We deeply regret if the information published in our article was found by its heroes as insulting. We apologise to all those, who consider that this story has caused them moral sufferings." - Moskovsky Korrespondent

Now that's an apology.

The Moskovsky Korrespondent's website www.moscor.ru has now been wiped.

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